Kent Wildlife Trust Volunteer Day

Logical Biological is committed to do what we can to reduce our environmental impact and improve our local environment. With this core value in mind some of our team recently enjoyed a blustery day in Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve volunteering for the Kent Wildlife Trust.


Covering 615-hectares (1,520-acres), Sandwich and Pegwell Bay is the Kent Wildlife Trusts largest site and is important for breeding, migrating, and wintering birds all year round. It has rich feeding grounds which are a vital stop for migrating birds, some of which cover thousands of miles and come all the way from places like Canada, Russia, and Africa. The area is also home to many internationally important rare plants and animals, such as lizard orchids and sand lizards.


Caption: Sea-buckthorn dominate the dunes above Pegwell bay


Sea-buckthorn, as we discovered, is a spiny, thicket-forming shrub that grows well in the sand dunes. In-fact it grows so well that it has taken over too much of the reserve and needed cutting back and managing. That is where our team of volunteers came in! Our team spent the day cutting back the shrub and litter picking the cleared area, making it ready for sand lizard to bask in the summer sun and highland cattle to graze.

Caption: Logical Biologicals team of volunteers


With the ideal ratio of shrub to dunes being 25:75%, there’s still a way to go, but we definitely made an impact and hope that we played a part in ensuring the vast biodiversity of the area.

Caption: Rubbish and wayward golf balls collected (there’s an adjacent championship links golf course!)