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Autoimmune diseases represent a category of disorders where the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own cells, tissues, and organs. The exact causes of autoimmune diseases remain largely unknown, making them challenging to diagnose and treat. If you’re taking up the challenge to improve the diagnosis of auto-immune diseases, we have a large portfolio of auto-immune samples to aid your research and development.

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Autoimmune Serum and Plasma

With over 65 autoimmune markers to offer in either clinical sample volumes of between 0.5ml and 25ml, or bulk donor units up to 880ml we are confident that we can provide what you need.

  • Test method and analyte titre provided
  • Donor information available, e.g., age, gender, collection date
  • Specimens can be collected with IRB and informed donor consent where required
  • Donor matched sets
Auto-immune Biospecimens Antibody

Prospective Collection Project Examples

Auto-immune samples prospective collection

Multiple titre Anti-Tg Serum lots

Marker: Anti-Tg (Thyroglobulin)

Number of lots: 40 donors in total

Matrix: Serum

Test Performed: Tested using various ECLIA, ELISA, LIA and EIA methods

Volume per lot: 1- 3ml each


  • 8 x 1000-2000 IU/ml samples
  • 8 x 2001-3000 IU/ml samples
  • 10 x 3001-5000 IU/ml samples
  • 10 x 5500 – 10000 IU/ml samples
  • 4 x >20000 IU/mL samples

Donor information: Age, gender, date of collection

Fresh Frozen plasma serum bulk bag

Various Bulk Autoimmune Markers


  • Anti-Scl70 Plasma and Serum
  • Anti-Jo1 Plasma
  • Anti-Smith Plasma
  • Anti-RNP Plasma

Number of lots: 6 donors

Volume per lot: 250ml serum or plasma


  • 1ml pre-evaluation samples
  • High titre
  • Viral infection-screened negative (HIV, HCV, HBV)

Donor information: Date of collection

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