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Pregnancy Plasma / Serum

Pregnancy, or gestation, is the period – in humans typically lasting 40 weeks – in which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. Assuming successful conception, the pregnancy time period begins upon release of the egg from the ovary (at this stage unfertilised).

The pregnancy time period is divided into trimesters. The first trimester includes conception (fertilisation) and comprises of the first 12 weeks, the second trimester is weeks 13-28, while the third trimester lasts from week 29 to 40.

Our pregnancy plasma and serum is available for all stages of pregnancy and from women treated with fertility drugs. If you need something specific, we may be able to cater to your needs – please enquire from our contact page.

Plasma / Serum Product Product Identifier*
0 to 42 weeks gestation period H001
birth control drugs (contraceptive)-treated H021
Cord Blood/Serum/Plasma H051
Fertility drug treated (clom1fene, gonadotropins, etc) Product code dependent on fertility drug used. Please enquire <link to contact form>
First trimester H075
HCG positive urine H085-3
Post-menopausal H144
Second trimester H154
Third trimester H165

* Product Codes on labels are typically longer than the identifier, reflecting the specificity of your requirement

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