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Normal Human Plasma / Serum

Plasma is a component of blood. It is the straw-coloured liquid in which the blood cells are suspended. It is mostly composed of water but also contains dissolved proteins, clotting factors, electrolytes and carbon dioxide. It can be separated easily from blood by adding an anti-coagulant and centrifuging. Serum is plasma minus the clotting factors. Plasma can be converted to serum by defibrination using thrombin.

Plasma and serum commonly contain disease biomarkers and antibodies at concentrations detectable in disease diagnosis assays and are typically the human sample of choice for these tests.

Plasma / Serum Product Product Identifier*
Allergy-negative/non-allergic Product code dependent on analyte – please enquire <link to contact form>
Analyte-negative H005
Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) H038
Cord H051
Erythrocyte concentrate H444-4
Human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA) H104
Infectious-disease negative Product code dependent on infectious disease – please enquire <link to contact form>
Matched Sets H365-1
Plasma H143-1
Serum (Off The Clot) H350-2
Serum (defibrinated plasma) H143-2

* Product Codes on labels are typically longer than the identifier, reflecting the specificity of your requirement