EPS Waste

As we move into 2020, one thing we’d like to do at Logical Biological is find a greener way of dealing with polystyrene box waste. The material has fantastic properties making it ideal for use in shipping biological reagents around the world. It is incredibly lightweight, a great insulator and it can withstand some knocking around, so it is no surprise that our industry uses so much of it. The downside is that most EPS boxes are treated as single-use and are destined for landfill or incineration. How can we get rid of them in a way that minimises environmental impact? We’d love to know how people would feel about receiving goods in re-used EPS boxes where it is safe to do so. Any other suggestions on this topic are very welcome! You can contact us on infoATlogicalbiological.com or follow this link to complete the web form.

Logical Biological, December 2019